Personal access in overhead garage doors

The marvel of technology, the option of doors for personal access (PERSONAL PASSAGE) is an excellent solution for households and industries that use the garage regularly, but not necessarily just for vehicle storage. Access to the refrigerator, tools, bicycles, etc., is easy when you have wide pedestrian doors for personal passage, which you can use without having to open the entire garage door.

We achieve standard high security with the built-in top sliding hydraulic door closer, ensuring that the doors are always closed. A magnetic sensor integrated into the door frame prevents remote control operation if the leaf of the pedestrian door is not completely closed. Thanks to the low aluminum threshold with a height of only 19 mm, access for bicycles, mopeds, wheelchairs, and wheelbarrows is truly very easy. The special shape of the aluminum threshold reduces the risk of stumbling or jamming and facilitates passage with bicycles.

For the construction of the pedestrian door, we use only the highest quality aluminum profiles. A special feature of the design is the integrated hinges of the door leaf throughout the height of the panel, which ensures additional strength and a long lifespan for the sectional doors.

The mechanical design is based on a high level of safety for the use of sectional doors with an integrated pedestrian door. Therefore, each door is equipped with a magnetic switch and a hydraulic closer as standard.

The dimension of the pedestrian door opening can be adjusted according to the customer's preference, taking into account the technical feasibility based on the size of the sectional doors.

The position of the pedestrian door can be adjusted according to the customer's preference, with the following options available:

  •     Left position
  •     Center position
  •     Right position

The pedestrian door integrated into the sectional garage doors features a high level of anti-burglary security. Unwanted entry into the premises is prevented by the built-in lock.

The customer can choose the filling between factory powder-coated or imitation color shades, which are:


  •     WHITE RAL 9010 / woodgrain structure / line motif


  •     SILVER RAL 9006 / woodgrain structure / line motif
  •     BROWN RAL 8014 / woodgrain structure / line motif
  •     ANTHRACITE RAL 7016 / woodgrain structure / line motif
  •     ANTHRACITE RAL 7016 / smooth panel / 1 line or without lines - sandgrain finish
  •     WHITE RAL 9010 / smooth panel / 1 line or without lines - polygrain finish
  •     GREY RAL 9007 / woodgrain structure / line motif
  •     GREY RAL 9007 / smooth panel with one line
  •     GOLDEN OAK / woodgrain structure / line motif
  •     GOLDEN OAK / smooth panel with one line
  •     DARK OAK / woodgrain structure / line motif
  •     DARK OAK / smooth panel with one line
  •     MAHOGANY / woodgrain structure / line motif
  •     WINCHESTER / smooth panel with one line

Custom color? From our production, we can offer door delivery according to the RAL color chart upon the customer's request. At this point, the customer can choose from various motifs or looks.

The personal access door integrated into our sectional garage doors has a long lifespan thanks to top-quality materials. Considering the recommended annual service, it also comes with a generous warranty:

  •     12 years on the panels (against rusting through the panels, meaning a hole through the panel).
  •     2 years on the electronics and other moving components!


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